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Email Marketing Services

Low Rate!

Your IMS Plan Includes:

  • Unlimited Newsletters
  • Unlimited AutoResponder Campaigns
  • Unlimited Sending (with your own Amazon SES or SMTP Servers)
  • Unlimited Subscribers
  • Unlimited lists
  • Professional Email Templates
  • Use Your Own Trusted Amazon SES sending account to make sure emails arrive
  • Instant Setup! Get Started Right Away
  • The only differences in our plans are the monthly sending limits
  • Perfect for businesses, schools, churches, family newsletters, etc
  • Use One Account For All Your Needs!

What makes our email delivery service the Best?

99.9% Uptime

Highly reliable email delivery

Intuitive Control Panel

Easy to use system makes sending emails a breeze!


Contact your leads quickly

Professional Email Templates

We provide ready made email templates. Just enter text and send.

Create Unlimited Email Lists

Create as many lists & campaigns as you need!

Increase Traffic and Leads

Copy and paste the list signup form on your landing page.

Professional Sending

Use trusted Amazon SES or other hosted SMTP sending servers


Support is ready to assist if needed

Low Flat Rate

Send as much as you wish!


-Upload your own email templates (or use ours)
-Easy to use template editor
-Campaign and email templates testing
-Subscription form creator to copy and paste into your website or landing pages
-Unlimited custom fields in subscription forms
-Choose Single or Double Opt-in Subscriptions
-Simple campaign sending
-Email tags for easily inserting customer name, email, etc
-Automatic Bounce and Removal Handling
-Track Email Opens
-Track url link clicks
-Automatically add subscribers to other lists based on email opens or link clicks
-Attachments for your campaigns
-Deep list segmentation
-Detailed campaign stats
-Detailed subscriber info: IP, email software, browser, etc
-Subscriber activity map for campaigns
-CAN-SPAM Act compliant sending


  • How Can You Offer Unlimited Sending?Open or Close

    Each IMS Customer (see InternetSystem.biz) will use their own SMTP sending email accounts. You can use the Amazon SES trusted SMTP platform, with your own individual account, so that your emails will reach their destination. When all users use a shared SMTP sending server, other users spam complaints or bounce ratios could affect all of the other users. This doesn't happen when each user has their own SMTP Server. For light users, you could use any website email address as a sending SMTP. A seperate regular website email address is also needed to process bounces and unsubscriptions, which the software does automatically.

  • Can I cancel service at anytime?Open or Close

    We allow you to terminate future IMS subscription payments at anytime. Cancellation is made effective at the end of the current monthly billing cycle. Cancel your paypal subscription before the start of the next billing cycle. If your account is suspended/terminated for more than 30 days, we reserve the right to completely remove your account to free up disk space.

  • Is it easy to use?Open or Close

    Our system is very easy to use, but has all the expert settings and features you need for professional campaigns.

  • Do you provide a test drive?Open or Close

    If you are still not convinced that our system is for you, you can register a demo account. This gives you a chance to test drive the system. You can even start setting up your lists and campaigns, and after you subscribe as an IMS customer, you can start adding SMTP server details. You cannot send any emails, in demo mode. When you are ready to subscribe to the Internet Marketing System package we will convert your demo account, with everything intact, into a working paid account.

  • Can I import purchased lead lists?Open or Close

    NO. We only allow fully opt-in subscribers who filled out a subscribe form on your own website to be added into our system.

    Sending Unsolicted Commercial Email is prohibited. You cannot buy leads from a lead vendor and put them into your lists. You cannot gather email addresses from websites and import them. We only allow permission based sending. You cannot import contacts that DID NOT request you to personally contact them. Abuse and Spam complaints could hurt your Amazon SES account. Excessive spam complaints that might affect the ProEmailSystem.com domain name, that are not cleared up upon investigation, may suffer account suspension or cancellation without refund. Be sure to only send to your own subscribers, and that you are not importing or sending to really old email lists/contacts.

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